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Rustic One Pan Chicken Roast

As I am sitting here I am happy to announce that we have been blessed with a holiday at one of the most beautiful parts of South-Africa, Kwazulu, Natal.  It has been quite cool in the rest of our otherwise sunny country, but fortunately we have not felt too much of the cold snap here… Continue reading Rustic One Pan Chicken Roast

Comfort food · Laid Back Food

Cheesy Double Pizza Wraps with Chicken

This is another one of my quick Sunday evening or Saturday-lunch favorites.  I find the thought of  melty, oozy cheese always extremely comforting, therefore this is just the thing to help me cope  with my Sunday evening blues.   The great thing about this almost quesadilla-like  meal is that you have endless possibilities with fillings.… Continue reading Cheesy Double Pizza Wraps with Chicken

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Vanilla and Rosemary Chicken

One of my family's favorite meals remains the humble roast chicken. Golden roasted, I find it hard to declare not being one of my favourites to make.  I usually can't wait for it to come out of the oven. Especially during the summer months, when it is sweltering hot in Pretoria, I like to prepare it… Continue reading Vanilla and Rosemary Chicken