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Roasted Duck in Orange and Orange Liqueur Sauce.

I adore traditional Sunday food!   I feel deliriously happy when I have something roasting in the oven on Sunday morning, plotting what I would fix for dessert to create the perfect Sunday lunch.  This Sunday was no different, only this time I swapped the traditional roast chicken for duck. It is not every day… Continue reading Roasted Duck in Orange and Orange Liqueur Sauce.

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Roasted Vegetables under Phyllo Pastry

 My dearest baby sister is currently dating a very descent guy.  So what on earth would this have to do with the not so skinny cook I hear you say.  Well naturally one doesn't want to look like a complete hill billy when being introduced to who might be your new brother-in-law.  So I invited the… Continue reading Roasted Vegetables under Phyllo Pastry

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Rustic One Pan Chicken Roast

As I am sitting here I am happy to announce that we have been blessed with a holiday at one of the most beautiful parts of South-Africa, Kwazulu, Natal.  It has been quite cool in the rest of our otherwise sunny country, but fortunately we have not felt too much of the cold snap here… Continue reading Rustic One Pan Chicken Roast

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Beef Shawarma with Peanut-Butter-Hummus

After the whole Monday buzz I am usually not in the mood to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to produce a tasty dinner.  This Monday was no exception.  After having to do an extra trip to the dentist today for my seven-year old daughter I was só not in the mood for… Continue reading Beef Shawarma with Peanut-Butter-Hummus

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Broccoli and Cheese Soup

It has all of a sudden, after a lovely autumn weekend with blue skies and sunshine, turned into cold winter weather.  So out comes our gas heater, wood for the fire-place and hot chocolate as we bid salads goodbye and say hello to soups. Little things are as comforting during the cold months as a bowl of… Continue reading Broccoli and Cheese Soup

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Cheesy Double Pizza Wraps with Chicken

This is another one of my quick Sunday evening or Saturday-lunch favorites.  I find the thought of  melty, oozy cheese always extremely comforting, therefore this is just the thing to help me cope  with my Sunday evening blues.   The great thing about this almost quesadilla-like  meal is that you have endless possibilities with fillings.… Continue reading Cheesy Double Pizza Wraps with Chicken

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Fresh Hake in Beer Batter

We all know that fish is good for us, right?  Right!  What is not so good is  fish in batter, loaded with preservatives and trans-fats, that we buy in our local supermarkets.  As a mom that is trying to improve the quality of my children's food I am on the lookout for the above mentioned nasties most… Continue reading Fresh Hake in Beer Batter