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Fresh Hake in Beer Batter

We all know that fish is good for us, right?  Right!  What is not so good is  fish in batter, loaded with preservatives and trans-fats, that we buy in our local supermarkets.  As a mom that is trying to improve the quality of my children’s food I am on the lookout for the above mentioned nasties most of the time.  It is however true that my children, like most other children I’m sure, loves a batter of sorts around their hake.  Hey, lets face it: somehow it just seems more exiting to have a golden crusty batter around soft steamy fish.  Yes yes, I know, deep-fried is not the preferred choice of cooking method but every once in a while I break our normal regime of hake grilled with lemon and herbs and splash out! Read the rest of this entry

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