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Fresh Figs, Smoked Chicken and Goat’s Cheese on Ciabatta

Figs and Goat's Cheese on Ciabatta

Fresh Figs,Smoked Chicken and Goat's Cheese on Ciabatta

Hello all you beautiful  readers.   I hope all is well and all have been munching away this Easter.  I myself had a tremendous time in the Eastern Cape!  What a beautiful part of South Africa!  Long white sandy beaches and dunes, and on a clear day I have never seen the seas  nor the skies bluer.  We have even been lucky enough to  spot the dolphins at Jeffrey’s bay’s Dolphin Beach  more than once.    However it is so that even on vacation one has to eat. Not that eating  is ever a chore for yours truly.   So on one of our beautiful late fall afternoons I packed our lunch in a basket and we headed off to the beach for a small picnic. Read the rest of this entry

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